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A Journey From Traditional Learning Methods To The New ELearning Platform

this article, we will talk about a new eLearning platform named edSPIRIT, which is designed to host online courses for you.

But, there is always a but; if we want to show you what we are offering through this eLearning platform, we need to go back in time and talk about some concepts. Concepts like LMS, Open edx, and some other words.

Have you heard about them? If not, be with us from the first part of this article. Then, later, we will reach our main point, which is an introduction to a platform that delivers you some modern and fantastic designs and functionalities.

MoWhat Is An LMS Exactly?

Maybe you find it hard to believe, but today many experts agree to consider the LMS solutions as life and education-changing methods. Moreover, these solutions may be a revolution that thoroughly changes education’s ecosystems. So, what is this revolution all about? And how this happened?

To answer these questions, we talk about two reasons: a technical and IT-related reason, and then, we dig into some social happenings which affected our whole life: the pandemic. But, of course, changes in human lifestyles should be addressed. So. Let’s start.

In recent years and through the penetration of technology into people’s lives, learning systems started to experience a colossal change in parallel with many other changes. This switch was a transition from traditional learning methods to eLearning systems.

In parallel with adapting to new learning methods, the pandemic came, and the necessity of online courses became increasingly crucial. Through the early days of the pandemic, physical distancing had affected many learning processes. This distancing was like a challenge for the training systems based on face-to-face education and interaction. However, when the pandemic lasted for several months, it became an unavoidable problem that required immediate action. Hence, many tools were created to help educators simplify the learning process, and afterward, everyone started seeking a solution.

To handle the situation, several approaches appeared, and what could be a better approach than a system that can facilitate and manage to conduct the learning channels? A solution that helps educators reach their audience better and more efficiently.

This is where we are faced with Learning Management Systems (LMS). But how does LMS help deal with this challenging task?

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How LMS Works?

By benefiting from modern technology and based on what teachers, educators, and trainers need for their digital assets, LMSs exist to systematically manage the eLearning process and give the people in charge whatever they may need. In addition, they are there to facilitate the process and act like an eLearning Platform.

As the popularity of online learning increased, higher education systems such as colleges or universities were more enthusiastic about implementing modern learning systems in their learning methods.

Discovering how the LMSs could help educational institutes, schools, and even companies to continue their training process, there are different types of LMS:

  • Video-Based Learning.
  • One-on-One Online Learning.
  • Online Group Learning.
  • Proposal/Bidding Based Online Learning.
  • Massive Open Online Courses.

Several kinds of LMSs were born, differentiated from each other regarding the features they provide. The key factors could be as follows:

  • Software features and innovation
  • Customer Experience
  • Types of provided course materials
  • Customer support

Considering these factors, open edX® is listed among the best existing LMSs. So, at this step, it seems necessary to go further and learn more about this LMS.

Discovering OPENEDX

The open edX® website describes it as follows: “The Open edX® platform provides the learner-centric, massively scalable learning technology behind it. Originally envisioned for MOOCs, the Open edX® platform has evolved into one of the leading learning solutions catering to Higher Ed, enterprise, and government organizations”.

Due to what the Open edX® platform offers, we, as “Notion Wave” Company consisting of a group of educators and technical experts who have been providing various data and content-centered media since 1989, decided to build a structure of eLearning platform based on the Open edX but with more features which could satisfy what the education society may require.

So here we introduce you to edSPIRIT—a well-defined online course platform with many features to facilitate your eLearning goals.

Let’s be with us to know more about it.

edSPIRIT, An open edX®-based eLearning  Platform

edSPIRIT is a fast, reliable, and fully managed provider of Open edX®, which was created to help add online courses and provide an online learning process on a tested and robust system. We call our product “An Accessible Learning Tool for Education in the future.”

As a SaaS learning tool for all occasions, edSPIRIT can take all course materials, including text, audio, video, quizzes, and much more. Furthermore, it is designed to cope with everything with its modern, fantastic design and functionalities.

The Features

With Open edX® at its core, an unlimited list of features is available to you using edSPIRIT.

Variety of Software features and innovation: 

edSPIRIT offers multiple solutions for universities, academies, training centers, and Governments. This product helps them decide, launch, customize, and run your courses.

Friendly Customer Experience:

The users can start their instance creation in minutes. Of course, at the first step, they can enjoy a month of free access to see, learn, adjust and decide.

Different Types of provided course materials:

Text, audio, video, quizzes, and many more are available on the edSPIRIT platform.

Good Customer support: 

FAQ, knowledge base, forum, academy, and contact details are available on the edSPIRIT website to train and support the users.

Variety of plans: 

With clear and straightforward to choose plans, any user can start at any step: Starter, Premium, Enterprise.

Variety of solutions for any customer:

Any university, academy, training center, and Government can use the product, including classrooms or millions of students.


Suppose you are about to adapt to new learning methods called eLearning and are eager to create your online courses on a reliable platform. In that case, we can motivate you to try edSPIRIT—an open edX®-based and SaaS eLearning Platform with several features that were described in previous parts. The mentioned features are just a quick view of what edSPIRIT delivers; believe us, there are more.

If you are interested in our product, you can visit our website or be patient for our next article, which is about to dig into more details.


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