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We cover a very broad range of market segments. Our traditionally strong markets are academic, corporate, and Government. However, any organization with learning need is welcome to try this. By offering a SaaS based LMS, you do not need to concern yourself with complex decision about deployment.

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Join universities who are using Open edX to create high quality courses. The studio allows you the flexibility of interactive assets, and Xblocks integration provides proctoring features as well as grades or test taking assistance without any worries about number-of users on your course at any time! edSPIRIT is highly scalable so it will work for even large classes sizes and universities.


No matter which courses you offer in your academy, edSPIRIT can handle that. Powered by Open edX, and offered in a SaaS platform, you can launch your online system without any hardware investment. Our ecommerce lets you monetize your investment in creating courses. use interactive assets and link up to other resources to utilize exciting teaching materials through SCORM.


Many organizations struggle with the decision of whether or not to provide employee training and development programs. This can be a difficult decision, especially for smaller businesses that may not have the resources to offer such programs. However, research has shown that providing employees with training and development opportunities is beneficial for both the employees and the organization as a whole. Explore how edSPIRIT can help your organization provide these types of services and join many great corporations who have deployed Open edX as their online training platform.


It is now clear that Governments at all levels from local and municipal to state wide and federal, all have a great deal of interest in how education is offered to students in their jurisdiction. edSPIRIT is a platform of choice for large initiatives, with its highly reliable and secure as well as scalable infrastructure combined with state of the art in content delivery, you can be assured that major initiatives are going to succeed when run on edSPIRIT.

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With a large number of features as standard, plus an increasing number of Xblocks, combined with SCORM and LTI capabilities and much more, you will find your solution at edSPIRIT